9 Style Tips for the Young Man – Fashion Advice for Men Graduating University – College – School


Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

And today, Iím going to be talking aboutnine style tips for young men.

All right.

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What is the first style tip for the youngman? One: he needs to pay attention to his footwear.

So many young men, we get away with wearingrunning shoes all the time.

And occasionally, we have to wear a suit, and we wear a dress shoes.

But between the running shoes and dress shoes, we have no idea.

You need to learn more about good-looking, casual footwear.

Put the running shoes to the side.

And unless youíre running, put them off.

And sandals do not count.

Sandals should be over here, when you go tothe beach.

Look for, you know, casual leather shoes thatlook good.

You know, start off, you know, go ahead andgo for a rubber sole.

But, you want something thatís leather, thatlooks great with a pair of jeans and itís going to be immediately noticed.

So, go out there.

Youíre going to spend probably at least a$100.

But, update your casual footwear.


Number two: dress like a man not like a boy.

Whatís the difference? Okay.

Boys wear T-shirts all the time.

They donít pay attention to how they look.

They just look sloppy.

They donít tuck in their shirts.

They wear running shoes with jeans.

I mean, thatís how boys in college dress.

Men understand that people are making firstimpressions every time they meet and that they need to present themselves professionally.

Men throw on a sports jacket.

Men wear colored shirts.

Men pay attention to how they look.

So, start to dress like a man.

Number three: ignore fashion.

You canít afford it.


So, fashionówhatís in free fashion and style? Iíve talked about it in other videos.

But fashion is fleeting.

It moves all over the place.

You canít catch it.

I mean, even these female style icons or, you know, divas, they can barely stay on top of this stuff.

So, as men that really donít pay much attentionto thisóand believe me, I donít actually pay that much attention in fashion.

Style is great because you can look at yourgrandfather and you can see what worked for him.

And in fact, look at some pictures of yourgrandfather.

And youíll notice that he could actuallycome to the year 2011, walk around and actually his suit and everything unique, you wouldnítactually look half bad.

And in fact, you would be able to fit in.

Theyíre called the iron wearing [0:02:36][Phonetics].

I could wear this 15 years from now and Iímstill going to fit in.

Iím still going to look good.

This is style.

Fashion, it doesnít look good a year fromnow.

So, those Crocsóyeah, that was fashion.


Number four: take care of your clothing.


So, if no one has explained this to you, clothingis made from different fiber types.

And you have to treat it and you have to carefor it differently.

A suit jacket, you can never throw in a washingmachine.

That wool sweater, you cannot throw it inthe washing machine.

You have to carefully wash wools.

Now, cottons, totally different story.

You can be much more rougher with cottons.

But then, there are, you know, garments whichare a mixture and youíve got to be very careful.

Learn to read the tag.

Pay attention to the tag.

And unless you have someone there with experience, be very careful about washing your higher-end garments.

You know, your best bet is going to try tokeep everything you own cotton up until your dress clothing.

All right.

Number five: you need to own one suit.

Charcoal gray is probably going to be thesafest fabric for youóa solid charcoal gray suit.

Keep this style classic andóbut you haveto have the suit.

And donít think that youíre going to geta suit when you need one.

Because when you need one, youëre going tohave to like [0:03:59] [Phonetics] 24 hours.

And you donít want to spend that time, youknow, when all your buddies are out having a great time at theÖat the bachelor party.

Youíre out, you know, trying to track downa suit and sweating about it.

Or, if itís a big interview, you donít wantto be spending your time looking for a suit when you could be preparing for the interview.

Every man, whether he be a mechanic, whetherhe be a janitor, whether he be a banker, he needs to have one complete, great-lookingsuit that fits in properly.


Number six: shirts.

Start off with whites and blues.

Your first five shirtsóthree whites, twoblues.

Not too dark of a blue because that makesit a bit casual to two light blues, three whitesómake sure they fit your properly.

Focus on the fit.

Make sure they fit you in the collar, theyfit you in the cuffs, have them darted in the body to remove some of that fabric.

And the great thing is that those shirts willbe interchangeable with that charcoal gray suit.

[0:05:00]Youíre going to have five outfits.

So thatís what you want.

After you have those five basic shirts, thenyou can expand off into other colors and try to experiment.

Number seven: need a dark pair of fitted jeans.

Now, these are not distressed jeans.

These are not jeans that are stone-washed.

Dark-coloredóthey almost look like, you know, very dark indigo or black.

And what youíre looking for here is somethingthat you could wear with one of the shirts.

Gives you a bit more of a casual look.

So, weíre starting to build an interchangeablewardrobe.

Number eight: expand beyond denim.

So, notice I said only, you know, have onepair of darks.

You can have two pairs of darks.

You can have three pairs of darks.

But, no matter how many pairs of dark jeansyou have, you need to have something else besides jeans, you know, when it comes totrousers or pants.

So, look to incorporate khakis.

Wool flannel trousers are great.

Theyíre not this, you know, so wool flanneltrousers, theyíre not the same as suit trousers.

Theyíre something different.

Khakis have various styles.

Look to have something else besides denim.

All right.

Number nine: donít always wear a t-shirt.

Look to wear a shirt with a collar.

If youíre wearing t-shirts six to seven daysout of the week, we have a problem.

Incorporate polo shirts.

Take out some sport, you know, some dressshirts or there are some work shirts or sports shirts, something with a collar.

Thatís what you want.

Thatís how a man dresses.

I mean, a collared shirt just looks so muchbetter.

And pay attention to the fit.


Those are my nine quick tips for the youngman.

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