A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should care about personal appearance – fashion style advice

A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should careabout personal appearance – fashion style advice Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

And today I'm going to be talking about theimportance of being a sharp dressed man.

This video is in support of an article thatI wrote about being, you know, sharp dressed.

And so Iím just going to go point by point.

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So let me go ahead and jump right into this.

Why is it important to pay attention to yourappearance? Why be a sharp dressed man? Well, especially when you look around, I actuallyjust read an email today of — a guy emailed me and he is like, ìHey, everyone in my collegeclass, none of them dressed sharp.

I am an older student though so my big concernabout is should I be dressing a bit nicer or should I dress down to the way everyoneelse is dressed?î And this got me thinking, you know.

Dressing sharp, it doesnít matter how oldyou are.

It doesnít really matter what situation youírein.

I think taking pride in your appearance isimportant, whether you are a blue-collar worker, youíre a white-collar worker, youíre a student, youíre a 75-year-old retiree.

In any case, I want to make a split-seconddecision about you, whenever I first meet you, before I talk.

Because if you think about it, most peoplewe see on a daily basis, we donít talk to.

We pass by them but we still make judgmentsabout them.

Because if you see a guy and he looks likehe is, you know, he is waving his arms around, heís dressed like a homeless person, andhe just gives the physical sign that, you know, he looks like a homeless or a drunkperson or someone thatís on drugs, youíre going to get out of the personís way.

And unless you a death wish or something.

But you know, most of the time, we look atsomebody, we make snap decisions.

We have ideas in our mind of what a bank presidentlooks like or what a skater looks like or what a professional athlete looks like.

And if we ever meet somebody and they kindof go against that grain, itís a bit surprising.

And you know, we are oftentimes a little bit, you know, hesitant to believe that this person whoís dressed like this could really be this.

Because we have this preset notions of whatsomeone in a certain, you know, type of, you know, area of society looks like.

So why handicap yourself? Why put yourself in a position of having towork your way up? Why not start at the top, dress sharp andthen you know, people, you know, ìOh, youíre a student but you dress like a professional.

I would have thought you worked here in theMarketing Department.

You looked just so sharp.

î You know, thatísmuch better than for someone who say, ìHey, can you point me to someone who works here? Oh, youíre the president.

î I guess if youívereached a certain area in success you can do that.

But for most of us, we need to pay attentionto our appearance.

So my article was broken up into two parts- how dressing sharp affects you and how dressing sharp affects others.

So let me talk about the three ways that dressingsharp affects you.

So whenever you dress sharp, thereís a bitof a transformation effect.

And this can best be illustrated by a quickstory.

So the FBI did a study and they took two differentgroups of agents.

They put them in two separate rooms.

They gave them the same problem.

And both groups came up with entirely differentscenarios of how they would rescue the hostage, that was the actual problem.

And the only thing that changed, and thiswas done doing number of random samples, was the way that they dress them.

One, they were dressed in suits and they chooseto negotiate.

The other group, they dressed in combat gear.

And guess what they decided to do? To rush and to go in and to forcibly, youknow, free the, you know, the hostages.

So you think about how — what you wear oftentimesdictates how youíre going to behave.

I mean if Iím dressed sharp, Iím gong tobehave a certain way.

If Iím dressed to, like you know, like Iímgoing to go in and I want to be a demolition guy destroying a building, Iíve got anothertype of attitude.

When I put on my steel-toe boots versus my, you know, my dress shoes that are made from really delicate leather.

And itís not saying that you know — basicallyIím just getting across the point.

There is a transformation effect.

So if youíre not feeling good, — the womenknow this, they actually donít dress sharp whenever theyíre not feeling great, becausethey know that dressing better, dressing you know, to a higher degree oftentimes kind offorces them to feel a little bit better.

Now, self-discipline.

This is something where, if youíre goingto dress sharp, you need to have the discipline to make sure that your wardrobe is going towork.

Itís pretty easy to dress bad.

I mean, you donít have to pay any attentionat anything and just throw any clothing on your body.

But if youíre going to dress sharp, Öyou have to plan ahead.

The night before you need to make sure yourshirts are ironed, that your suits are pressed or that you know, if youíre simply goingto wear a clothing, that it fits you.

And Iím talking more for, you know, in acasual realm, polo shirts, shorts, sandals.

If youíre going to be wearing those, youknow, you can wear that and you can look sharp or you can wear that and you can look bad.

Usually the difference is, the guy that looksharp, heís wearing very similar clothing but heís making sure that it fits him, thatitís clean, that itís free from stains.

Little things like that make a huge difference.

And thatís self-discipline.

The other thing is appreciation and respect.

So if you dress sharp, youíre going to payattention to how other people are dressing sharp and youíre going to appreciate thatbecause you know how much work it is and how much you have to pay attention to detail inorder to get that type of appearance.

Youíre probably going to, you know, lookat perhaps your wife or your girlfriend, and youíre going to realize that, ìWow.

She does put quite a bit into how she dresses.

î And Iím not saying that you know, dressingsharp, Because if you look at, you know, some of the top militaries in the world, look theBritish Special Forces, United States Special Forces, you meet with the professional soldier, what does he pay attention to? His uniform, his gear because he realizesa lot depends on that.

And itís a simple reflection of who he isand pride in how he dresses.

So how does your appearance affect others? Well, there is a lot to be said about thepower of visuals.

Simply look at, you know, if youíre in ared sports car, what do we all know about red sports cars? Theyíre more likely to get pulled over.

Simply because they are more likely be caughtdriving fast, people take notice of the red sports care versus a blue Corvette or a blackCorvette or a white Corvette.

So red is a color that weíre drawn to.

I mean if a woman walks into a room and sheíswearing — or a man walks in room, I donít want to appear statutory thing — but Iímgoing to use a woman example.

She walks in a red dress into a bar.

What do we all look at? Boom! We are attach to her.

Now, if she comes in dressed in colors whichdo not just draws to them, then that makes sense.

I mean, think about weíre like bees, weírelike animals.

A bee is drawn to a flower because of ñ Iímsure there is botanist here or some etymologist that study with bugs, theyíre going disagreebut my understanding is itís something to do with the color spectrum of the flowers, and the shape, and all of that which draws the insect to it.

And weíre the same way.

And believe it or not other men, if you cangive yourself a very masculine, healthy look, other men want to work with you.

They want to learn from you.

They want to be around you.

And thatís not a bad thing in business.

Itís not a bad thing at all because we donítwant to be around sickly people or people that in a sense, give off a feeling of ñan isolation type of feel.

We want to be around people who attract us, who naturally weíre drawn to and make us feel good, whether youíre a man or a woman.

All right.

First impressions.

Very important, you want to set the best onfirst impression.

Because first impressions are formed beforeyou open your mouth.

People look at you and they make a quick snapjudgment.

And whether that be a high one or a low one, youíre set there.

And itís almost like cement.

And it takes a lot of effort and force tomove it up or to move it down.

So why not start up? All right.

The power of color, Iíve already talked aboutpatterns.

Now, patterns can have the effect of actuallymaking a short man look taller or a wide man, you know, look a little bit thinner.

Patterns you know, you go with a solid monochromaticlook, itís going to allow the eyes to go up and down.

Itís going to give you a taller, slimmerlook.

Thatís something you want.

All right.

Influence and authority.

So I was kind of hinting at this.

But we have an idea in our mind of what amanager, what a business owner, what a successful person looks like.

Whatever that picture maybe in your mind, think about, you know, mixing your individual style and go for it.

I mean, yes there are exceptions to the rule, yes Tony Hawk doesnít dress like a multi-millionaire and the CEO of an amazing brand.

But that is a unique case.

But every ñ even the guys ñ but Tony Hawk, he still ñ he still brands himself.

He still pays attention.

He still wears the kind of clothing that representsthe lifestyle that he represents.

That is style.

Whatever your walk in life, pay attentionto it and, you know, make sure that you are crafting that and you are having the influencewith your clothing that you want before you even open your mouth.

And the last thing, you know, positive assumptions.

And this is tied closer to everything I talkabout, you know.

You want people to have aÖ Öpositive first impression.

Because once they cement that positive firstimpression, youíre given a lot of leeway, you can do and have a lot of mistakes, youknow.

The opposite is that you create a negativefirst impression.

And then whenever you can ñ if you screwup or you have a small mistake, people say, ìOh, well.

That just reinforces what I initially thought.

îAnd thatís not what you want.

So the importance of being a sharp dressedman is that your appearances are incredibly important, more important in a first meetingthan what you say.

Because so many times you donít get a chanceto say anything or people are, you know, theyíre just paying attention to all these other visualsand really paying attention to how you dress.

Itís a small thing that you can do.

You can control that.

You canít control, you know, peopleís stereotypes.

You canít control peopleís backgrounds andwhat theyíre going to think, except you can control what they think about, you know, youbased off with how you dress.

They at least, you know, will respect that.


this has been Antonio Centeno with RealMen Real Style.

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