Cell Phone Holsters As Men's Style Accessories – Male Fashion Tips – Cellphone Accessory Style

Cell Phone Holsters As Men's Style Accessories- Male Fashion Tips – Cell phone Accessory Style Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be talking about cellphone holsters and menswear.

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Okay, this is the question that came in.

“I'm not a holster guy.

I think holsters are for guns, not for peopleto show that I'm really important and that I have a holstered cell phone.

Antonio, what's your take on cell phone holsters? Thanks.


” All right.

Well, he was very to the point and apparently, Dwight does not like cell phone holsters, so be careful, you cell phone holsters ourthere.

Do not get close to Dwight.

He may go postal on you.

I was kidding, Dwight, by the way, but it'sa good question and it's something that we see all the time.

My answer to this is I really didn’t havean opinion on it.

I know I have an opinion on a lot of things, as my wife will tell me, but when it comes to cell phone holsters, I really didn’tgive a lot of thought.

I guess for me coming from the military andactually as a former officer, we actually always carried a holstered weapon wheneveryou're in certain situations, mostly out in the field exercises or in combat or when theysend us off to vacation in those nice, hot desert areas.

I always looked at it as it's functional becauseI liked having a holster.

It was a lot easier.

A lot of guys, the high speed, low drag guyswould always get the holster right there on the leg.

I went with the one they issued us, whichwas fine just right here, but in any case, a holster is there so that you have easy accessto your tool, whatever it may be.

So if you're on your cell phone a lot andyou find that it's just hard to get to some other pockets and you're using a holster andit's working for you, by all means, use it.

It's functional.

I'm a big fan of function.

It comes before style because at the end ofthe day, you need to be able to do your job, but is it something that you could get awaywith not using? So think about it.

If you have a holster for a phone that reallydoesn’t need — you're just using the holster, well, I'm going to talk about reasons whyif you're using a holster for these reasons, you should reconsider and perhaps just getrid of it.


If you have to answer your phone, and thisis a quick draw holster, if you feel that you've got to just reach down there and grabit, I would say maybe look at other options because it's really not important that youget that and answer that phone right after the first ring.

You can wait until the second ring of yourcell phone before you get to it.

So if you're a quick draw holster guy, youmight want to try to get over that, and if you can't get over it, you may need to seekhelp.


If you're doing it because you really likethe look, if it makes you feel more important that you've got this big holster and maybeyou've also got the big western belt buckle that you never actually rode a bull but you'restill going to wear that anyway, if you're wearing it because of looks, then you mightwant to get rid of it.

And so, I would advise you, no.

Really, again, maybe seeking help and justgetting off of that mentality and jumping in to your huge 4×4 with huge tires and thebig grill on the front, which is funny because I have a big 4×4 truck with a grill on thefront.

I don't have huge tires on it, but it's apretty big truck.

I always get stares.

It's a Texas grill.

Come on.

If you are in Texas, you understand what I'mtalking about.

You go to another state and they don't havegrills on their vehicles.

I hit a deer with this one time and it savedmy truck.

Okay, back to cell phone holsters.


If you received it as a gift, then you don'thave to wear it all the time just because you received it as a gift.

It's kind of like that sweater that you getaround the holidays.

You only want to wear that sweater when you'regoing to be around the person that presented it to you because you're that much of a gentleman.

Okay, guys, those are the only three reasonsI could think of that you would want to get rid of it.

Again, it comes down to function.

If that holster's working for you, if it'sfunctional, then wear it.

But if you're just wearing it because you'vealways done it and if your cell phone has migrated to the type that is very slim, itfits right into a pocket, I would look at getting rid of it.

I mean, anytime you can get rid of somethingthat really doesn't add value, it's a good thing to do.


This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MenReal Style.

I'll see you in the next video.