Clothes on Film website review – Men's style blog covering movie fashion


This is Antonio over at Real Mean RealStyle.

And today, I’m going to be talking about the blog “Clothes on Film”.

AndI feel that this is a neglected blog, one that is been putting out great content andis not getting as much traffic as it deserves.

I’m sure a lot of…a lot of clothing designers, a lot of costume designers, people that pay attention to film and what people are dressingare paying attention to this website.

But I thought, it’s going to be a smartdecision for a lot of my audience, men who are simply looking to improve their personalstyle to come check out this website because, you know, first view, like we see this thingup here about “Captain America” and the First Trailer.

Being a movie fan, I don’tmind the—this is a bit of entertainment.

But, it goes a lot deeper than this but letme—I’m getting ahead of myself.

This blog was started by a gentleman named Chris Laverty.

And I’ve spoken—well, I’ve emailed andtweeted with him—a standup gentleman and he has a lot going on.

But, you know, whyshould the average guy come to this website and check out clothes on film? Well, I’mabout to show you.

So, he gets into the, I mean, the nit gritty details of men’s stylesas we see on television shows and movies.

And so, here is “Mad Men” on John Slatteryand he goes—okay.

I’ve written actually an article very similarto this and which I break out, you know, the Mad Men’s individual style.

But, this istaken to a whole, another level.

And he really goes into very, very deep detail as to whatmakes this particular character looks sharp.

He talks about the double breast.

He talksabout, you know, the fit of the jacket.

He talks about the fabric.

He talks about thecut.

All of the little details he goes into.

And that’s just the start because then hegoes over to a popular movie like “Inception”.

And we learned about Jeffrey Kurland and hiscostume and what, you know, what they were thinking when they put this together, whatthey wanted to portray.

And I think that’s very interesting.

That’s something aboutfilm.

I don’t think there are many other industries where you are going to see so muchtalent paying attention to such small things.

And all of it is recorded for you to observe.

So, you can go to this website and you can learn about the costumes and the movie “Inception”.

And you’re going to look at this film differently and I think that’s something pretty powerful.

You’re going to start paying attention to those small details.

What initially drew meto this website is I think I saw somewhere—it was reposted that he had basically brokendown James Bond’s style.

So, here he talks—we’ve got, you know, the latest James Bond film and some casual pulls from there.

But, you know, where wasI going to go with this? I think the one that I was really impressed with was this one—theSean Connery in “Dr.


And he breaks them, all of the pieces, how Sean Connerydressed in all of the movies and even talks about how—when he would actually re-wearcertain outfits.

Really, a great job.

I haven’t seen anyone else do this, evenbreaks it down to, you know, whenever he takes the jacket off and all of these great details.

Actually talks about the Dac [0:03:42] [Phonetics] trousers which, you know, who is paying attentionto this stuff? I can tell you, you know, Chris is doing a—gosh! A great job and he, youknow, just a little bit more about him.

He has created clothes.

He created clothes onfilm and he writes most of the content here.

And, yeah, overall, you know, a really approachableguy, very easy to get a hold of on Twitter.


So, we talked about the James Bond.

Here’s “Live And Let Die”.

He gets into Roger Moore’s Chesterfield Coat and thenhe pulls up some photos of the actual coat and he gets into great detail and shows howthis, you know, we see how it looks in the movie and he pulls out photos of how it looksin real life.

He also talks about, of course, Michael Douglas and his shirts.

And what’s funny is then he revisits thelatest Wall Street movie and talks about, you know, how things have changed and thenew designs that we see here.

Then, he goes into Michael Kane, which if you’re not afan of film, you know, Michael Kane used to, you know, be a huge star like on—not somuch anymore, but he was very much a tough guy and has some great looks.

And then hegets into a more modern movie, “Eastern Promises”.

Then, he starts getting a bit casual.

Andthis is where actually I feel the website is great for casual style because it startsgiving us ideas.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t recommend the double-breasted with a turtleneck, but he shows how Mark Strong pulled this off and actually does a pretty good job.

I, youknow, not my cup of tea.

I surely like this lower look, this great two-button, single-breasted, dark tooth check suit which he goes in a great detail and allows you to see a look and perhapsyou can incorporate this into your personal style.

Even gets into more of a casual stuff here.

We’ve got—what is it, “Knight and Day”.

And we can see Tom Cruise here on what lookslike either…I think it’s a denim button up but pays closer attention to the buttons.

And we can see how that looks on a man.

And then, he gets into some really casual things.

I mean, who would have thought you could pull inspiration from “The Big Lebowski”.

But, he does that and he talks about JeffBridges’s sweater, an entire article on this sweater and basically more detail thanyou would have thought.

But it really brings up, you know—hey, if you want to incorporatea cardigan, it’s very good article read to help build a foundation.

And he even touchesthings like “The Warriors”.

Now, I’m not advocating you out to get a leather vestwith Warrior on the back.

But I can tell you that wearing a vest creativelycan add a lot to a man’s individual style.

I’ve written about it and I like where…Ilike where Chris takes this.

It is a overall, a very well-written blog that is very strongon visual images and it is well worth your time.

He’s got the Archive over here soyou can just click to that and you will be taken to three years of articles.

A lot tolook at here.

Again, this is Antonio Centeno over at RealMen Real Style and I highly advice you check out the blog, “Clothes on Film”.

Havea great day.