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Dating Advice – What Clothing Should A ManWear For An Evening Date – Men's Style Tips Hi.

I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder ofReal Men Real Style and today, I’m going to be answering a question “What to wearon a date for Friday night?” Okay, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to ourYoutube channel by clicking on the subscribe button right up there.

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Okay so this is a question that came in.

“Hi, Antonio.

I have a date on Friday night and I cannot decide what to wear.

The restaurantis not too fancy but above the average.

This is our first date.

I thought the sports jacket, black shoes, dark blue shirt and light cream pants combination as seen in the attachedphoto would be appropriate but a friend of mine said I should wear a light colored shirtinstead.

And another said I shouldn’t wear the sports jacket.

I’m really confused.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you.

” Okay, so this gentleman, he’s got an importantdate.

Sounds like someone he’s really wanting to impress and he’s getting conflictingadvice from everyone.

It’s really confusing because this guy, he’s trying to put togethera great outfit yet he’s hearing from one person to go another route then he hears theexact opposite from this other person and I’m sure he’s probably asked a few otherpeople not knowing if I’m going to be able to get back to him before Friday.

Well, Iam going to be able to get back to you before Friday even though I’m shooting this onthe road but what I want to – maybe I should just start this off with a story, with a parableand this is one of Aesop’s parables and it’s about the boy, the man and the donkey.

And the story goes that a boy and a man anda donkey are walking to town.

Somebody passes them and says, “Oh my gosh.

You have a perfectlygood donkey, why is this old man making this poor little boy walk?” So the old man thoughtabout it and he put the boy on the donkey.

Then the next person passing by, they seethe young boy riding the donkey with the old man walking.

They say, “Such a shame.

Thatold man, he should be on the donkey and the little boy should be leading the donkey.

”So of course, they listened to these people and they switched.

And then somebody elsesees this.

“Oh my gosh, why wouldn’t you use the donkey because you’ve got this oldman who’s just making this poor boy lead them.

” And so they thought about it and both, theboy and the old man, got on top of the donkey.

And then they had a next person as you canimagine said, “Wow, look at the way they’re treating that poor animal.

That is overloading.

It looks like it can barely stand.

” So they thought about this and then the old man andthe boy tied the donkey to a stick and they carried the donkey and as they were carryingthe donkey over the bridge, the donkey got loose somehow and the parable doesn’t havea happy ending because apparently they all fall to their deaths.

Now I don’t want you to get dressed up thisFriday and fall to your death sir but the point I’m trying to make is you’ve gotto understand what you look good in.

You have to understand your personal style becauseyou’re going to hear conflicting advice from every single person you speak with.

Everyonehas their opinions and a lot, as my step dad used to say, “They’re a lot like…”we’ll just say, “Everyone’s got one.

” Opinions but if you want mine and I have alittle bit of experience dressing men.

My first thing is you’ve got to understandwhat suits you.

You’ve got to understand what your personal style is so look at yourselfin the mirror and realize that if you’re dark complected, you have dark hair and maybeyou’re a little bit overweight, you’re going want to look thinner and leaner andso this jacket is going to work great.

But you know what? If you have the body of Adonis, you’re a young man, let’s say you’re light complected, you may find that a reallynice blue dress shirt without the jacket would be perfectly fine because you’ve got a bodywhich will work with that.

I don’t know your body type but I do knowthat you apparently need to spend some time getting to know what best compliments yourindividual style and go with that.

Also, check with your date.

Find out what she’s wearingand at least let her know that you’re going to be wearing a jacket.

A woman does not likeit when she shows up or when you show up to the door and you out dress her.

She thinksthat it’s going to be okay to wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

She isn’t known necessarilywhere you’re going.

You’re going to make a bad impression the fact that you didn’trelay this information to her that she needs to be dressed a bit better.

And another thing you could do, do some reconnaissance.

Go visit the restaurant.

I remember when I was in the dating pool.

I would actually goto the restaurant before and I would look at and see what other people are wearing.

Now, unless you’re in a major city like New York, you’re not going to probably runinto any restaurants that require a jacket but you can look at the patrons, look at thepeople that are entering and get a feel for how they dress.

When I go to Chicago, I hang out with a lotof Bulgarians, Russians, Ukrainians and I find that they dress really nice when theygo out on the weekends so look around.

Find out.

Are you going to a place that they dressa little bit more upscale? And let your date know, again.

The last thing I’ll hit on is listen butdon’t be guided what other people say.

Understand what makes you look good and go with it.

Allright, best of luck.

I’ll see you in the next video.