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Hidden Pockets & Men's Clothing – Men's StyleAdvice – Male Fashion Tips – Menswear Pockets Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, we're going to be talking about men'sclothing and hidden pockets.

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Okay, this is the question that came in.

“My friend used to be a costumer for the filmindustry and he told me that in the days past, men's jackets, uniforms, all of that stuffused to have pockets in the tail of the jacket right around the small of the back.

Presumably, this will allow one to carry morestuff while reducing bulges in parts of the outfit that would more easily show.

Have you ever heard of this and would yourecommend it as an option for custom-made suits?” Okay, so something that not many men haveever thought of because everything we purchase is pretty much already pre-built.

This is a great question and it's one veryspecific, one that I would like to take you back a little bit in time and think abouthow clothing was made a hundred years ago.

You couldn't just go into a store and findthe selection that you find today, even 50 years ago.

Ready-made clothing was not as common as itis today.

Now, we take it for granted that you can walkinto a mall or you can even look online and find literally millions of options when itcomes to clothing.

It used to be though that clothing had tobe made for you and most men who couldn't afford a tailor, which is most men, they actuallywould have it handmade at home.

So your wife, yourself, I mean, men knew howto sew.

It was something that was expected, somethingthat we did as people that needed clothing and we used better materials because whatwe had, we would repair again and again.

You can look at old photos and you can seepatches on clothing and this stuff actually lasted for years.

Nowadays, we live in a disposable societywhere it seems like it's cheaper just to go out and buy something new and replace it ratherthan patching.

The skills of sewing, well, they've disappeared.

And so, this clothing that the gentleman isreferring to especially in one of the last places where people actually do make a lotof clothing is in the costume industry.

In fact, when I was a student at the Universityof Texas, I found that going over to the — I don't know exactly what department it was.

They had their own building and that’s whereall the — the theater department, I guess.

They had a costume section and those guyswould build a lot of the clothing because what they would need, they just couldn't affordto go out and have it reproduced by a professional tailor, so they would learn to make theirown clothing.

Nowadays, whenever you see an old time moviebeing made, one that's being made, let's say, the year 2012 but it's supposed to reflect1912, a lot of that clothing you see in the movie was actually made for that movie orpicked up in thrift stores, but normally you'll have someone doing the history research ifthey've got a big enough budget and they will find some tailors and seamstresses to makethe clothing.

Now, what does this have to do with pockets? Well, if your clothing was made for you, youcould choose to put pockets anywhere.

And being a custom clothier, I've had gentlemencome in and request pockets all over the place.

I've got one gentleman.

He likes to carry cigars, so he wants pocketson the inside of his jacket that is specifically made for the types of cigars he smokes.

I've got another gentleman who spends timein South America and he does security.

He has been robbed.

Well, without going into it in too much detail, let's just say he likes to have hidden pockets on his clothing because whenever he is searched, they don't take his clothing, but they oftentimes do empty out his wallet and take his entirewallet, so he wants to have hidden places on his body where he can, well, let's justsay keep an extra 50, 100 bucks so that he doesn’t have to walk back home.

So the quick answer is this pocket that he'stalking about in the small of the back, I haven't had anyone request, but looking atthat area, that would be a fine place to actually have something, but it's not going to be reallyeasy to reach, but I can see why you would want to fill up that space because the limitationsof where you can put a hidden pocket are really going to be the lines of the jacket and thetype of fit that you have, and the skill of the tailor or seamstress putting it in.

I've put in hidden pockets right over hereon the arm.

I've put them in on the inside.

I like to even have hidden pockets down atthe bottom end of the jacket to add a little bit of weight to the bottom, so a quick trickto have a little pocket down here where you can keep a coin or a weight if I'm makinga jacket that's going to be for concealed carry and I don't want it to blow open, solittle places like that.

I put hidden pockets if necessary, if a clientrequests.

On off-the-rack clothing though, you're notgoing to see any of these little hidden pockets.

It's something that's an extra cost.

To put in a pocket takes a bit more time.

Usually, it takes a bit more material andthat cost money, so they try to streamline things.

So what I think, to answer this question, that's a good idea for a custom jacket.

If you're going to use it, if you're goingto find it useful, yes, and if the man or woman making you the clothing is skilled becausewhat you don't want to do is put a hidden pocket somewhere that actually pulls awayfrom the lines of the jacket and the way it hangs on the body.

That's my quick summary of hidden pockets.

I like them.

Oh, another hidden pocket that I love to puton my clothing is anytime anyone gets a pair of trousers made with me, I like to have ahidden pocket just right over here that you can only access from the top of the trousers.

I do this and I call it my pickpocket pocket.

In a sense, you can put a credit card anda little bit of cash in there, you tighten the belt around it and no one's going to beable to find that stuff versus they can put their hands in your pockets if you're on acrowded subway or transportation.

Anyone that's been pickpocketed knows howthat stuff goes.

All right.

This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MenReal Style.

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