How To Buy Quality Men's Clothing – 3 Tips To Identify Stylish Menswear – Men's Fashion Style Advice

How To Buy Quality Men's Clothing – 3 TipsTo Identify Stylish Menswear – Men's Fashion Style Advice Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be giving you three tipson how to find quality clothing.

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Okay, how to find quality clothing.

I get this question a lot and people wantme to point them to brands.

They want exactly what brands are going tobe — and brands are a great way sometimes to determine if something is quality or notbecause that's really what a brand is.

I'll use that as the first way to determineor to find something good, is to find a brand that suits your lifestyle, that makes clothingat an acceptable quality for you at a price that you're willing to pay.

There are higher end brands, there are lowerend brands, and it really depends on what you consider value, and value isn't cheap, value isn't expensive.

Value is where you willingly give your dollarsfor what you get and you feel that it was an even — in fact, you feel it was a betterdeal for you because you've got something great, so that's what you need to find.

It's very difficult and the reason I can'trecommend brands — except my own, but that's a whole another thing.

I'm going to be building out the Antonio Centenolabel here soon, just watch.

But really, brands change over time, so askanyone that's been a big fan of, let's say, Hugo Boss.

That company is a German-based company, butthey have evolved.

They started manufacturing in different places.

It used to be that they're made in Germany, then it was made in China, and many people feel that the quality went down.

I have nothing against the Chinese.

They make some of the most amazing productsin the world, but oftentimes, they're also associated with some of the lower cost, lowerproduction, and many people felt that that company all of a sudden started cutting cornerswhere it didn’t use to, and there's a reason why Brioni and these higher end suit companiesare able to charge what they do because they pay attention to all those little details.

Now, companies like Brooks Brothers, they'vedone a really good job of keeping a lot of the manufacturing under direct control, sothat's a company that has maintained a very good brand for a number of years.

But on the other hand, for every Brooks Brothers, there are 10 to 20 companies which that brand started off, let's say, at a very good highlevel and then it fell; it petered off.

You can see this in automobiles as well, sobrands, they go up and they also go down.

I mean, think about in the 1970s and 1980s.

Where was Toyota? Toyota, it took them decades and a lot ofPR and a lot of just actually making a superior product and offering it a lower cost, thatthey were able to go from these tiny little vehicles that American-made car manufacturerskind of laughed at, to all of a sudden the number one car manufacturer in the world.

I'll jump in to number two.

Number two is to have a trusted advisor inthe industry, so this can be a blogger.

This can be somebody that is a trusted salesman, and I'll use the trusted salesman example in buying a car.

My family, we needed a mini van about a yearand a half ago.

What I did is I've got a good friend thatruns a dealership and I said, “Alex, I want you to just be on the lookout.

This is what my needs are.

I trust you.

Look out there and find me a great value.

” Every month, I'd get a call that he's gotsomething.

I think it was back in December of last year, he gives me a call.

He's like, “Tony, you've got to get out here.

This is a perfect vehicle for you.

It's great and I can give it to you at thisprice.

” I went out there and checked it out.

I had the money.

In fact, I had already sent him the money.

Basically, I trusted this gentleman and hetook care of me.

In fact, it was such a good deal that I hadthe Wisconsin tax authority contact me and say how did I get this deal because I gotit way under the cost in which they probably should've sold it to me, but that's havinga trusted salesman — that's having somebody that's looking out for you that of course, they're going to do it.

For them, it's just knowing that they've gota client which is going to pull the trigger, is going to make the buy, and they go theextra mile to kind of be looking out for exactly your needs.

Last but certainly not least, you need tounderstand what quality is because at the end of the day, even though I trust my buddy, Alex, I did inspect that vehicle.

I took it for a test drive, looked under thehood, kicked the tires, did everything I can in a sense to make sure it is good becauseyou do want to trust people, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for whateveryou get.

And so, that brand may have been deliveringgreat quality, but look at the clothing.

Be able to look at some of the stitching, and this is stuff that you can learn.

You can learn how a jacket is put together.

You could feel the clothing, the fabric.

It's really about a little bit of self-education, something I know a lot of guys shy away from, but I've tried to make it easier with a lotof these videos.

Who knows? I may actually put together a video here soonin which I tear apart a jacket and show the insides and all that stuff.

Those are my three tips.

Find a brand that you trust and works wellfor you.

Number two, have a trusted salesman or bloggerwho you can go to and pull information from.

Number three, be able to see quality by trainingyourself.


That's it.

I'll see you in the next video.