Matching Leather & Matching Metals In Menswear – Men's Clothing Accessories Matching Tips

Matching Leather & Matching Metals In Menswear- Men's Clothing Accessories Matching Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, we're going to be talking about matchingmetals and matching leathers in menswear.

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Okay, this is the question, “Hello, Antonio! I've got an interesting question.

It's a simple rule that your belt should matchyour dress shoes.

However, I'm wondering about your dress watch.

If I'm wearing brown dress shoes and a brownbelt with a silver buckle, should my watch have a brown band and silver rim? What if I wear a watch with a gold rim ora black band? Maybe I'm paying too much attention to detail.

Thank you very much.


” All right, Raymond, I've got some bad newsfor you.

If all of your metals and all of your leathersdo not match exactly, one year from the date that you wear this outfit, you will turn todust.

Sorry to deliver this news to you, man.

All right.

Seriously, so you are paying a little bittoo — I mean, the general rule is leathers match leather.

Metals match metals, but there are exceptionsto that rule.

And probably the one I can think of for mostmen is you simply don't have enough metals and enough leathers to make sure that youmatch it exactly, especially when it comes to items like a watch.

You've got a favorite watch.

You've got one that you just love to wear, your only really nice dress watch perhaps, and it doesn’t match your belt or your shoes.

In that case, wear it.

It's a very small detail, something that ifyou get fit, fabric, and style, which I harp on all the time, if you get those right, thisis going to be a small thing.

If you understand that those are the rulesbut you decide to break it anyway because that watch has sentimental value to you, allthe more power to it.

That takes me to the second thing, is thatyou've got an item that has sentimental value such as a wedding ring.

My wedding ring is silver.

Now, most of the metals I wear is silver.

I'm not a big fan of yellow gold, so I keepeverything silver, keep it simple, but most men, their wedding rings are gold.

And if they like silver and everything elseis silver, of course they're always going to have that mismatched, but it's a smalldetail.

It's a sentimental detail and on that case, you can bend and break the rules.

The other one is going to be how small isthe item.

I'll leave that as last because I was goingto say visibility, but it really comes down to how small it is and is it even visible.

So in this case, this is very small.

Now, if I'm wearing a huge ring, let's sayI'm a Texas A&M Aggie and I've got the huge ring — well, ask an Aggie to see those rings– those things are just huge.

At any case, he'll want to be a little bitmore tuned to that ring matching some of them out just because of its visibility.

Now, when it comes to buckles, if you're wearinga suit all of the time and you've always got your jacket on, technically no one's evergoing to see that buckle.

So let's say you're wearing a pair of monkstrap dress shoes and they've got a silver buckle on them and your belt has a gold buckle.

Well, keep your jacket on and all of a sudden, because it's invisible, no one's going to know.

Now, if you're the kind of guy and you takeyour jacket off quite a bit, then you're going to have a mismatched metal.

Now, the same thing with leathers, again, those same things are going to apply.

You want to try to match your leathers, butyou don't have to match them exactly, and this really applies to browns because browns, there are so many different shades.

And if you try to get your shoes to matchyour leathers, your leather shoes to match your leather belt exactly, you're going tobe hard-pressed especially if you condition or you polish your shoes quite a bit becauseover time, they're going to change in color.

A quick tip though is if you're out buyinga new pair of shoes, make sure to get a belt especially if you're looking at browns, lightcolored browns especially.

Find something when you're out buying theshoes, when you have the shoes with you that matches, purchase it, take it home.

You're going to be good to go.

Blacks, that's why it's so easy, and again, white-blacks are in the realm of — every man should have black shoes and a black belt.

They're the most conservative, the most simple, and they're also the easiest to match, of course.

All right, Raymond, hopefully that answeredyour question.

And you will not turn to dust.

You'll turn to stone actually.

Take care.

I'll see you in the next video.