Men's Clothing & Color – What To Do When You Don't Like The Colours That Suit Your Complexion

Men's Clothing & Color – What To Do When YouDon't Like The Colours That Suit Your Complexion Hi, I'm Antonio Sentinel, the founder of RealMen Real Style, today I'm going to be talking about what do you do when you don’t likethe colors that naturally suits you? Okay if you have it already please subscribeto YouTube channel; by doing that these videos will come right to you.

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Okay the question that came in.

“I'm a low contrast, pale skinned, blonde-brownishhair individual, yet I hate earthy tones.

It’s a strong word.

Brown and green evoke images of rot, mold, and decay to my mind.

” He obviously does not like his colors.

“Okay, I like black, grey, white, dark purple, red bull blue, and reds.

How do I make my color preferences work forme?” Okay, so I think the simple answer here isthat yes, we do all have colors that compliment how we look but it’s really there’s – oftentimes we think that and I think this gentleman, his not looking at everything that complimentshim.

So he needs to find something that can behis canvass.

Something that – because the colors thathe really likes and he’s drawn to are little bit too harsh for his natural complexion, although I would have to look at pictures of him and maybe look at it close, he couldprobably still pull off a few of those but some of them don’t sound exactly right forhim but the mistake his making is he’s thinking that this have to be the dominant colors hewears.

Instead what he’s looked to do is to havea nice canvass of simple colors, maybe lighter, once that don’t compete with his facialcontrast because he’s normally going to be over powered if you, if he wears blackand white.

But if he actually goes for something thatcompliments his complexion a bit more, let’s say something – I know he doesn’t likeany of the earthy tones but they’re going to be ones that are a bit further from that, that he could go with and what he should do then is bring in I think it was red bull blueand the red and so those type of colors, he can bring them into accessory pieces and thinkof it like spice.

So whenever you go and cook – a novice mistakethat I made when I first started cooking is I thought more spice is going to equal betterfood.

It makes sense right? Spices are good, so throw in more spice andwhat would happen it was over power the food that I'm trying to eat, it just didn’t tastegreat.

A chef understands that you put in the rightspices at the right time and they pull out the natural flavors.

And that’s what this gentleman needs tobe thinking, how can you create and throw on a canvass with simple clothing and accentuateit with the colors he really loves.

So you should look at pocket squares and neckties, add a little accessories which would bring in the color and that would be, I wouldthink initially starting off if you were to design your own clothing or go to a customclothier.

He could actually bring in little bits, sohe could go actually go with the very muted jacket that actually has, perhaps a brightercolor sawn into it and it doesn’t really come out unless he’s wearing an accessorywhich brings out those colors.

The same could be for, perhaps he wants towear a very muted canvass on most of his body but he wants to go for a bit more of eccentricshoes and some and pull out the colors he likes right there.

So there are ways of bringing this into theirwardrobe even if you don’t like – what most people will tell you are the correctcolors.

Now I'm working on the coloring and stylesystem that’s going to be available here at the end of 2011 and if you’re watchingthis video when it’s already in that late period you’re probably are going to havea link to it right below but let me tell you that color is really hard on the webinar, probably have to see images of this guy to give me exact advice but the key point totake from this is that, if you don’t like the colors which most people are saying, lookgreat on you.

Then find the colors you do like and use thoseas your canvass colors and then the colors that you really enjoy which people say aren’tgoing to work for you.

Well, look to accentuate your outfit likea spice.

A little bit here, a little bit there andyou’re going to be surprise how people are going to focus on those little focus pointswhich you put.

Okay hopefully that gave you a little bitof useful information.

This has been Antonio Sentinel with Real MenReal Style; I’ll see you in the next video.

Take care.