Mens Clothing Sizes – Understanding Menswear Sizing – Male Shirt Suit Trouser Measurements

Menís Clothing Sizes – Understanding MenswearSizing – Male Shirt Suit Trouser Measurements Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

And today weíre going to be talking aboutUnderstanding Clothing Sizes in Menswear.


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So, menswear sizes ñ and this is a questionthat came in.

Basically, itís ñ ìDear Antonio.

What is the exact difference between a casualbutton down oxford, sized small, medium, large and extra large in dress button down oxford, sized by neck and sleeve measurements.

Is it the cut over material or something else? Iíve seen both in solids and quite ñ canítquite figure it out.

î Really, the question the gentleman is askingis ñ why are some shirts sized small, medium, large, extra-large.

And other times we get the neck size and thesleeve length.

And the short answer is that itís actuallycheaper to make shirts sized small, medium, large, extra-large because youíre only makingit four sizes.

Whenever you go the other route, you are actuallyhaving to make more sizes because as you can imagine, we got two variables.

And youíre immediately, you know, with thosevariables, youíre going to have a lot more than four sizes of shirts.

So, if youíre choosing between the two ñusually a higher quality brand is going to go with the neck size and the sleeve length.

So, right there, thatís an indicator of whichones to buy.

Although, you may find that, you know, thesmall, medium, large, you know, fits you just fine.

In any case, the point I want to address todayis that sizing ñ when it comes down to this stuff, you cannot trust the label when itcomes to sizing in menswear, even when you buy from the same brand.

So, you could have bought Brooks Brothersin letís say, 2004 and a shirt that you buy in 2006, and another one that you see availablenow in 2011.

Those ñ even though, they are both ñ letíssay, theyíre both mediums, they may be actually completely different sizes.

Because the model that youíre using and whattheyíre basing, you know, that target demographic theyíre going after can change.

Now ñ so, okay, thanks Antonio.

Thatís all bad news.

So, are you telling me there is no set system? Yes, Iím telling you there is no set system.

But what you need to do is break free of thethinking that you have to pay attention to the labels.

I mean, they were ñ they arenít like a gauge.

Itís like saying, you know, is it hot orcold water? Well, thatís not it.

You want to know what degree temperature ofthat water is because, you know, hot and cold is pretty relative.

So, in the same way, you need to know whatyour measurements are.

So, go get a tape measure and measure yourself.

And when you know that and when youíre ontop of your measurements, then you can go in with a tape measure and look at a pieceof clothing and lay it out and immediately be able to judge ñ is this going to fit methe way I want it to? And that way when you go in to the fittingroom, when you try it on, itís much closer.

Or if youíre buying on the web, that youíreable to go a companyís website and look at the measurements of the clothing and makea quick decision as to whether or not this is going to fit you.

So, you want to ignore the tags and know yourmeasurements.

In addition, you want to understand fabrics.

So, realize that something is made from 100%cotton can have some shrinkage.

And especially if you expose it to heat, itísgoing to have some shrinkage.

In addition, if something is made from wool, it will shrink if you expose to heat or another great thing about that is that it also wasgoing to conform to your body over time.

So, understanding that, youíre going to havea little bit of play and youíre going to have a lot more success buying clothing.

Again, you need to know what your measurementsare.

And you know, you can ñ I mean, because somecompanies ñ I know it sounds like, ìOkay, if they tell me what that their necks were16 and that their, you know, the sleeve length is 33.

I should be able to match that up.

And that should be consistent, right?î Well, not again.

Not always.

Because if a shirt, if itís made from a lowerquality cotton thatís not woven together super tight, then you could see a bit moreshrinkage.

And so, that sleeve length could end up beingñ more like 32 or a 32.

25 versus a true 33.

So, little things like that youíre goingto have to pay attention to.

And well, guys, at the end of the day, knowyourself, know your measurements.

And when you use that as the gauge, youíregoing to find that youíre going to get a much closer fit when youíre out there lookingfor clothing.


This is has been Antonio Centeno with RealMen Real Style.

And hope youíve learned a little bit aboutmeasurements.

And go out there and dress with style.

Take care.