Men's Las Vegas VIP Club Fashion Tips – Red Carpet Fashionistas

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Ironically enough at the ah weddingchapel in Planet Hollywood.

The information that Chez has to give us is awesome becauseeveryone from around the world is able to go to Las Vegas and go to like the best nightclub and get really dressed up andbe fabulous.

Where not everybody necessarily on a Red Carpet or can go to Los Angeles togo to a nightclub.

But here in Vegas everyone can come and Im sure everybody wan ts to get into the hottest nightclubs.

Wellluckily we have someone we have Chez with us and he does work all of the hottest nightclubsin Las Vegas.

So he knows his stuff.

Chez you consider yourself to be a VIP promotionalhost correct.

Thats correct yea h.

Can you kinda share with us how that works for you.

My job is to basically walk aroundprofile individuals and groups of people who are ah prospects to go inside and are dressedin the right attire and hopefully arent too tipsy.

Haha thats true.

Becauset hen they wont let you in.

Basically I profilepeople for our nightclubs.

I actually met Chez one night where I was in LA I went toa red carpet I flew on a plane came here and I was walking around a casino like all dolledup and he approached me he was li ke hey do you wanna you know now go into this club and I was like Oh I dont know you know.

Hes no really Ill hook you up.

Im ok and I ended up going in.

Long story short we becamereally good friends and now whenever I come to Vegas hes a great friend to ha ve for helping me get into cool clubs thatyou know.

Thats right.

normal people cant really get into.

You know a lot about mensfashion when it comes to club promotion because obviously you are dressed really nicely wheneverI see you.

And you are like yo usaid you profile people.

Of course our show is about looking good and fashion and allthat kinda fun stuff.

So from a mens point of view what kind of tips and tricks can yougive for ah going into clubs and stuff for a guy.

In Las Vegas basically theresf or the guys theres more dos and donts forguys.

Women have better fashion than then ah men do.

So its usually never have any issueswith women getting them into the club pretty much no matter what they are wearing.

Itsmore of a dos and donts for guys.

Li ke the donts basically the tan hide boots white shoes any kind of like cargo pants or shortsand then just like plain collared tshirt um tees.

Basically you dont wear any combinationof that whatsoever.

Even if youre just like wearing jeans and a white and a white tee youre not guaranteed to get in.

Itskey for men especially with mens fashion because obviously thats what were all about on theshow is um you know to just dress nice you know just really honestly present yourselfin a really nice manner.

Dont come in looking like you know a thug.

Like youre just off the couch.

Rolled off the couchoff the street exactly.

Basically men have two options you wear you wear designer jeansor you wear like dress slacks and then obviously you wear like nice shoes looki ng polished hopefully.

You know not too manyscruffs Im just kidding.

Ha Ha Sports jackets you dont have to wear a tie all the time.

If you do end up wearing a sports jacket its nice to wear the 70s style with the collarsthat are out and then your cuffli nks that are clipped up.

One of the styles that are coming back is like its like theretro paisley if its done in good taste but it doesnt look like it came from the 70s butits more like our style.

Its dressy and classy without having to be like in a suit and tie you know in all of type.

Thats basicallythe minimum of what you can what you need to wear in order to get into a club properlywithout having any issues or getting hungup or getting sent to the back of the line.


So to speak.

Do you see tha ta lot of men do maybe perhaps show up in suits and ties or wear kind of how does that work.

Not very many suits and ties mostly if you go to like a 5 star lounge type of place.

They do because they specialize most mostly in like bottle service.

You go to the nightclubs unless theres a big conventionor venue out you dont see a lot of people wearing suits and ties.

Theyre mostly theyvegot their theyve got the jackets off you know the ties are a little bit unloose you knowwhat I mean.

So its kind of more alaid back type of environment and its not really necessary if youre going to a nightclubyou know plus it gets hot in there and So Its best just to be relaxed with your attireand um not having to wear your jacket plus still looking good at the same time.

And ties you know shirts you know suits andties without the jacket is perfect as well.

And its interesting because everything thatChez is sharing um it its the same way for the red carpets.

You know there are some redcarpets where men have to show up wearing a suit and tie thats just thats just the way it is.

Its like you just expect it.

But then theres other ones where just exactly what youre saying maybe just the just kindaloose tie or kinda this look or that look.

Sometimes you can wear designer jea ns but you dont want the jeans to look reallybad you know its very similar with mens fashion on the red carpet also.

And thats really interestingactually kind of kinda goes over goes over everything.

The thing to remember as a malecoming into like a h ot hot Las Vegas nightclub is um coming up to a host or knowing a host and and reallyhaving that relationship.

Having the host walk you to the door and you were mentioningah tipping the host.

The key in Vegas is its most important to have a host take you to a club.

Most of the time it gets you tothe front of the line depending on what kind of venues youre going on.

Youre either goingto pay to get into a club or youre not gonna pay to get into a club.

Heh heh yes basicallyyou need to find yourself a hos tin Vegas and always tip your host.

Depending on who youre talking to a lot of us work oncommission and tips and then some people are on salary but generally everybody acceptsa good tip.

Course you want to get into other nightclubs if you just go into on e nightclub for the evening you can alwaysgo back and ask your host if they can put you on a list for another 4 or 5 star nightclubdown the street maybe for the next day or for the next night.

Then basically youve gotsomeone on speed dial you can call up for all of your needs.

If you do show up and you do look really good and lets say perhapsyou dont have a host a host will actually find you.

Whereas if you come and you lookkinda sloppy and youre walking around youre gonna end up waiting in line for th ree hours to get into a hot club and thenyoure gonna have to pay a ton of money to get in.

So thats another reason why lets saymaybe you dont have the best fashion sense it might pay to go out and buy something beforeyou go to a really really nice Las Vegas club just so you can meet someone like Chez who will pick you out and say Hey doyou want to come in.

And so do you have any additional comments or anything else thatyou want to share with our viewers.

The key for gentlemen if youve just got a big gro up of guys your best bet honestly is to buya bottle service because then you get your own spot and thats easier for you to havemore for them to have more fun in the club if you heh heh.

If you do wanna pick up onthe ladies if you have a table with bott le service.


Hint Hint.


And if you dont do a bottle service usually youhave to pay to get into the nightclub.

So even if youre on the guest list there stillmay they still might charge you to get on the guest list.

But if you come with a1 to 1 ratio or like a 1 to 3 ratio you know2 guys 6 girls or you know 2 and 2 then its easier to be on the guest list and not haveto pay to get in and then even so once youre on a guest list you still need to find a hostthats around the area so you get treated properly and when you get to the frontdoor and theyll explain to you all the dos and donts for the club and while youre waitingin line.

And then obviously when it comes to women and Im sure Chez youll probably agreewith this the sexier the bett er.

I mean when youre gonna go to a Las Vegas club just go all out have fun wear your bestdress.

Put on your most popular fabulous jewelry and do your hair and makeup.

Why not yourein Las Vegas.

So as long as you look great not only will people like Chez be able to pick you out and be like hey doyou want to come into this club VIP for free.

But also youre gonna have fun guys are gonnacheck you out.

Its gonna be a lot of great times.

So just do your best and really takethe time to get ready before you g oto a Las Vegas club especially if its a 4 or 5 star one.

My name is Kristin McCoy withRed Carpet Fashionistas coming to you live from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas at theWedding Chapel and uh Chez since were here.


Um do you ah do you have any should we get married.

I mean were here right itis Vegas.

Remember were not supposed to walk up there.

Oh yeah thats true Supposed we cantactually go up there.

Well maybe next time maybe next time so again thanks for tuningin and thank you so much Chez for t he interview I really appreciate it.

Havea great one.

par }}.