Mens Style Info Overload – Too Many Male Fashion Blogs – How To Find Good Style Websites

Mens Style Info Overload – Too Many Male FashionBlogs – How To Find Good Style Websites Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

Today, Iím going to be talking about ìHowto deal with information overload when youíre learning about style from the web.

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Okay so this is the question that came in.

ìHey, Antonio.

Iím an 18 year old guy living in Brooklyn, New York.

All my life Iíve been wearing clothes thateither donít match, donít fit well, well, they just donít look good.

In high school, this wasnít a problem becauseeverybody dressed bad however, now that Iím emerged into the real world; Iíve run intothe problem of, well, I just donít look sharp.

Iíve tried looking at Men Style websitesand blogs but they donít seem to help me because thereís information everywhere.

Thereís just too much of it.

Everybody has their opinions on how they shouldlook so basically, I need help organizing this information.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Dimitri.

î Okay, Dimitri, let me go ahead and say, youíreexactly right.

I look out there on the web and it used tobe, I think when Ask Andy started his forum about 10 years ago, there really wasnít muchout there.

10 years later, the year 2011, now going into2012, there is almost too much out there and there is a lot of crap out there on the weband youíre exactly right.

A lot of them are opinions.

One of the reasons I started Real Men RealStyle is I wanted to give people kind of a more authoritative, bit of a source of informationcoming from a custom clothier guy that deals with his dress literally thousands of men.

I felt I could give a more authoritative butat the same time, I think it comes down to you need to find people that you relate with.

Now, you said youíre in Brooklyn, New Yorkso I would think youíre going want to focus on bloggers who focus on big cities becauseif you focus on small town bloggers or people maybe that are in areas that arenít reallyas relative to New York, itís going to be hard.

So look maybe at Chicago that would be a greatcity to look for a blogger but maybe somebody down in Darwin, Australia.

Well, probably not going to be the kind ofstyle youíre looking for or somebody over in Japan.

The Japanese, amazing people, and their styleis, well actually their fashion is very forward and it may not be what you want to be wearing.

Also be looking for somebody that matchesyou when it comes to your personal taste so perhaps youíve got, from your name, it seemedlike maybe you got a Russian or Ukrainian background.

In that case, if youíre Slovak, you wantto maybe try to find a blogger who resonates with you and with everything that you wouldsee in with a kind of ñ just people that you hang out with.

Be looking for that but here are the quicktips I put together for you.

One of them is understand that you doníthave to go out there looking for all the information.

A great way to absorb a lot of informationis have it come to you so look at RSS and have that come right to your homepage andyou can choose which blogs youíre receiving content from.

That way, you donít have to actually go tothe blog unless you see a title that you really like.

Another way is subscribe up to email lists.

Iíve got a great email list.

Every week, Iím sending out helpful tips.

Occasionally Iím selling or promoting someof companies I support but in any case, I stay in touch with a lot of people via email.

Another way is Twitter.

I donít know if youíre on Twitter but thereísa lot of people that you can follow their tweets and thatís a great way to get a goodsummary of what you want to see.

Facebook, oh thereís a mosquito.

Iím outside if you canít tell but anothergreat way is Facebook so you can follow somebody on Facebook and you can see whatís goingon via Facebook.

So really find a way that you want to absorbthe content and go with that.

After that, you want to maybe look for smallerbloggers.

Look for somebody that not only can you connectwith but will actually respond when you send an email.

So if you go over to that guy, the sartorialist, youíre going to find that he just doesnít respond to emails anymore because he literallygets probably a thousand a day.

Now, Iím not up at that level but I can tellyou that I get dozens of emails every single day and itís hard for me to respond to people.

Iím able to get back to you via video butIím finding that this is almost becoming overwhelming so my advice would be to lookfor somebody that you respect, thatís a bit smaller, doesnít think heís getting a lotof traffic or people arenít leaving a lot of comments and go and talk to this guy.

Engage with him and youíll find that youíregoing to get a lot more value working with a small guy than working with somebody huge.

I also write over the Art of Manliness anditís really hard for Brett and Kate to get a hold of me.

When you put out a single post and you gethundreds of comments, itís just hard to respond to that.

And finally, look at some of the blogs thatyou really enjoy and look over on the side and see who they are linking to.

Who do they recommend? So thatís a really quick way instead of yougoing out there and searching with Google or some of the other search engines.

For you to actually just see who the peopleyou trust are recommending.

All right Dimitri, I hope that helped andjust to let you know, I am going to be putting out a course which is going to address thisproblem of analysis paralysis.

Itís going to be called ìThe Style System.

îLook for it.

Itís going to be coming out here probablyat the end of November and I donít know, maybe thatíll be something thatíll be ableto help.

Take care and Iíll see you in the next video.