Mens Style Tip – How To Save Time By Quickly Browsing Men's Fashion Magazines For Clothing Ideas

Men's Style Tip – How To Save Time By QuicklyBrowsing Men's Fashion Magazines For Clothing Ideas Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be teaching you how toproperly browse through men's style magazines.

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Okay, this wasn’t a question that came in, but it was something I was thinking about because I got a lot of magazines and I dothat because they're really cheap and I find that usually I can grab at least one ideafrom each magazine.

So to me, it makes a lot of sense.

I get each of these magazines for about adollar, sometimes quite a bit less.

They come right to me and I can browse throughthem, and these are literally some of the smartest guys when it comes to men's stylewho are curating all this content, presenting it to me, and I have the ability just to gothrough it very quickly and grab some awesome ideas, but I think most men don't do this.

I think most men just read through it, finda few things that they like, or they put it on a shelf and they get this huge stack thatbuilds up over the year and then they end up canceling their subscription after a whilebecause they realize, “Well, I've got 24 of them sitting up on my desk or more than that, and I've never even read through them.

” It's just too daunting.

It's just this big stack.

So I want to teach you what I do, and it'spretty simple, in order to get through these things quickly and to make sure to grab theideas, and that's the big thing because one idea in one of these magazines, one picture, one illustration, one article can really affect your style and I think it's worth you actuallygetting these and trying to incorporate that.

It's also a nice reminder every month gettingthese magazines and it reminds you not to go out because some of them try to push youto go out and spend $5000 to $10, 000 on a single piece of clothing, but it gives youan idea of what's going on.

And again, the big thing is you've got theseeditors who are bringing all this content to you and presenting it to you to look at.

So here's a copy of Esquire that's an olderone, but you see Ryan Gosling on the front.

This is actually a very interesting cover.

So what I usually do is I'll take my iPhone.

I set a timer on it, around two minutes, andI have two minutes to go through this magazine and find everything that I think is worthkeeping and tear it out.

I'm not going to do this right in front ofyou because I just don't have a table to put it on.

It's kind of a game.

I'm going to make it through this entire magazinein two minutes and tear out everything that is of value.

So I will quickly zip through it.

I look at the commercials because I will occasionallysee a picture of a guy that — well, this one, he's got a really nice jacket, so boom, I've torn it out and I am going to keep that one.

Now, I would go through the entire magazineand do that very quickly.

Of course, you can cheat.

Two minutes works for me.

I find it actually as a bit challenging, butwhat it forces you to do is make a snap decision of you looking at something and deciding, “Do I like it or do I not?” tear it out and once you've got all of those– and usually maybe 10 pages, maybe 15 pages I'll pull out of a single magazine, sometimesarticles I want to read, not too often articles I want to read, but usually it's about somethingI see that's inspirational.

And then what I'll do is I then can take thatand take action on it because so many times, we get all these magazines and we never takeaction on anything that's presented to us, so just ideas of what I do.

I'll sometimes see a manufacturer I've neverheard of or some new up and coming person or a great article, and then I'll go do researchonline.

I'll perhaps take the content into the bathroomand read it when I've got a little bit of time there.

What else? I've got a book that I'm putting together.

I'm not talking a book.

It's more of like just a folder where I throwin inspirational items.

I find since I'm only keeping 15 pages versus100 pages, after a few months when I — occasionally, you've got those afternoons or you've gotthose evenings in which you're just looking for something to do.

I can grab my inspiration book of all thosethings I've torn out and I can just go through it and be inspired, and every page inspireme versus oftentimes only 10% of those magazines really I'm drawn to.

That is my tip to you.

Hopefully you find it useful.

I think a lot of you guys, if you're likeme, you probably have just huge stacks of those magazines out there and you need toget rid of them, you need to clear out space.

I find this really helps me.

And again, the big point is if you can takeone idea, that can be life-changing in terms of your style and there are some other stuffout there.

I do this with other magazines.

It's not just men's style, so I get NationalGeographic Traveler, Fast Company.

I like those ones.

They've got some pretty cool stuff in therethat appeals to me, but again, I like to just go through it very quickly, see what inspiresme, grab it, tear it out because rarely will I ever pull one of these magazines off theshelf.

This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MenReal Style.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I will seeyou in the next one.