Overview of Real Men Real Style – Men's Fashion Advice Blog Website

Overview of Real Men Real Style – Men's FashionAdvice Blog Website Hi.

I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

Welcome to my website.

Let me give you a quick overview and showyou around.

All right.

As you can here at the top, we’ve got anormal navigation.

And I highly advise, this is actually whereyou’re at, you’ve started here.

Well we’ve also got – you can go to allof our style articles, our videos, our podcasts, join our insider club which is a really specialclub, get our free e-book, which if you want to have something just to download and takewith you.

In addition to the free e-book you also getan audio.

And if you want to learn more about me andmy company, go ahead and click here.

This is your first time to Real Men Real Style.

Check out our five core articles.

These are articles that I highly advise youcheck out first because they are best articles, they’re all video- and audio-supported andit’s about giving you a foundation in men’s style.

If you’ve been to our website before thencheck on our most recent posts and you can go through here.

We’ve got our 10 most recent posts thatyou can go through and check out and see what we’ve been putting out there.

At the bottom, you’ll find an easy way justto randomly search, if you want to find, let’s say, something about jeans.

So just type in jeans and that will you takeyou up.

If you rather search in our categories, thenyou can go check out product reviews, style fun, look at our videos or dressing men’sbody types.

We got quite a few different categories here.

In addition, we’ve got a repeat of the navigationover here in the bottom right.

And over here on the left we give you otherways to connect with us.


Well, let’s go ahead and follow some ofthese links.

So if you would click on style articles, it’sgoing to take you right to all of our style articles.

And very much set up like many of the blogsyou’ll see out there, we’ll give you the title and a quick intro.

You can see how many comments.

And go ahead and dive into this.

You should be able to see all, over 300 stylearticles we have on this website.

So you could spend a lot of time here.

Our free e-book.

I was mentioning this.

It’s 100% free.

You give me your email and we send it rightto you.

And in addition to this free e-book, we sendyou a free – it’s over like a 40-minute audio of the e-book.

In addition, every week we’ll send greatsolid updates on men’s style.

Our Insider Club.

I mentioned this.

If you’re interested in purchasing clothingat some point or getting really great discounts on information products such as e-books orcourses on men’s style, go ahead and join this Insider Club.

And this is where we’re going to give peopleour biggest discounts and I’ll talk a little bit about that on that video.

Finally, let me show what our article actuallylooks like.

So here I’ve got one of my best articles, An Interchangeable Wardrobe.

As you can see we provide audio.

You can download it and take it and put onyour mp3 player.

We provide video.

Over here, solid content throughout.

And over here on the right-hand side, youcan see, I even send you to some of the approved men’s clothing stores, our image consultantsthat we like, approved style bloggers whose blogs I really enjoy, other style resourcesout there on the web, and you know, some gentlemen who weren’t even necessarily style-relatedbut who are friends of us over here at Real Men Real Style.

Finally, over in the bottom left-hand cornerof the website, I’ve got a link over to my Facebook page.

If you’ve got a question and you reallywant to interact, this is a great place to come in and ask a question.

We usually get back to people within about24 to 48 hours in the Facebook page.

If you’re big in the video, subscribe toour YouTube channel.

We’re already closing in on 50 videos andour goal is by the end of this year, to have close to 200.

So if you want to get these videos deliveredright to your inbox, go ahead and subscribe.

This has been Antonio Centeno….