Should An Undershirt Show Beneath A Dress Shirt – Men's Under Shirts – Fashion & Style Tips

Should An Undershirt Show Beneath A DressShirt – Men's Under Shirts – Fashion & Style Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, we're going to be talking about undershirtsand should an undershirt ever peek out from under a dress shirt.

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This is the question that came in.

“Dear Antonio, I would like to first say Ilove your videos, very informative and you're my inspiration to dress sharp.

” Well, thank you, sir.

“When it comes to dress shirts and the singlebutton, the very top one I'm speaking of is undone, should an undershirt ever show? Does it look bad if it shows? Thanks.


” Okay, Chris, good question and something wesee all the time especially in the corporate world where you have tons of men wearing theseblue dress shirts and then you see this white undershirt that's just hugging the bottomof their neck.

The question is what are the rules on thisand is that acceptable? Now, there are two camps here, and you cango check out The Undershirt Guy.

Tug, he runs this website and they've debatedthis quite a bit, and there isn't a true answer because it really depends on you and yoursituation, and I'm going to explain why.

So for the camp that says “no”, and I kindof fall in that camp, unless you fit a certain description, which I'll talk about later, for most men, I look at it as you're really showing your underwear.

Most of us don't like it whenever you seesomebody and they're wearing their pants low and you can see that the whole — basically, you can see their ass.

That's not what we're looking for when itcomes to men's style.

I know that is a particular type of stylein certain areas, but I don't like to see men's underwear.

The same is for the top and we've kind ofgotten away from that.

A lot of people don't really even view undershirtsas underwear.

They're wearing them as outerwear, but forthese intents and purposes, you are wearing it as underwear because it's under your dressshirt, so why would you want to show it? That's probably the first thing that I reallydon't like.

The other one is there's the contrast.

Now, you want contrast on the necktie becauseit's beautiful and you want to draw attention to the silk going around your neck.

Perhaps you want to have a dress shirt that'sgot a bit of a contrast on the inside of the collar, but why would you want to draw attentionespecially with a blue shirt or something of another color to the white contrast rightbelow your Adam's apple? I don't know why you would want to have contrastright there, again, pointing out something that is your underwear.

Finally, I think that wearing a V-neck undershirtwhenever you are leaving the button undone, which is what I do.

I've got an undershirt on made by a companycalled RibbedTee, great company, by the way.

I've done a review on them, but in any case, I wear their V-neck undershirts because I love not having to button this top buttonon my shirts as you can tell, and you cannot tell that I'm wearing an undershirt, but Ican tell because when I take off my clothing, I realize that my dress shirt is not goingto be soiled in the armpits or anything even though I've been doing these videos for awhile this morning and I've been sweating.

I'm not going to have to worry about launderingthis dress shirt as much.

Instead, I'll just launder this less expensiveundershirt.

Okay, so those are the reasons I'm in the”no” camp, but the “yes” camp has got some good reasons and I would say if you've gota lot of chest hair, then this makes sense because if I had a huge mat right here andif I had hair popping out, no matter what I'm saying, I bet there would be somebodyout there on YouTube that's just focusing on all this chest hair coming right out andthey're not going to be thinking, “Wow! That's incredible.

” Well, maybe they will be thinking that's incrediblymanly, but they're going to be thinking, “Man, that guy is Tom Selleck reincarnated, ” orsomething.

It's something that's distracting.

And so, you don't want a distracting patchof hair coming out from under there, and I know a lot of guys who've got that.

They try to trim it a bit, but they also realizethat throwing on an undershirt helps keep that under control and it shows that theytry to take steps to manage that.

And then there are also men who have tattoosor scars or birthmarks which they just don't want people — they would rather draw attentionto that little bit of the undershirt than have people notice that they've got maybea tattoo that they picked up when they were 20 years old or that they've got a birthmarkthat they just don't want people seeing, or a mole or something.

In that case, it makes perfect sense.

Now, if you really don't care, I would saythat when it comes to the totem pole of men's style, this is pretty far down there so it'snot super important.

But it is something, if you're looking toup your game or you're in a corporate environment, I would try switching to the V-neck undershirt.

I think it's a great compromise.

You're not going to lose protection.

I'm not a big fan of the sleeveless, the onesthat they call wife beaters.

I don't like that term.

In any case, I don't think they offer theright type of protection either.

So that's my answer.

I hope you like it.

I'd like to hear from you guys in the commentsand I will see you in the next video.