The Best Website for Men's Clothing Deals? Wins Hands Down! – Video Blog Review

The Best Website for Men's Clothing Deals_Dappered.

com Wins Hands Down! – Video Blog Review Hi, this is Antonio Centeno over at “RealMen, Real Style” and today I’m going to be doing a video review of dappered.


Dappered has been around for about a yearand a half and is run by Joe Weber and he first came on my calendar when he did someguest posting over the art of manliness at primer and at the effortless gent.

And I’ve seen Joe positioned this websiteas they go to place on the web for finding great deals on men’s wear.

And I think he – you know I like his philosophy.

Fashion is temporary and expensive.

Style is timeless and affordable and it seemslike he positioned dappered to be the go to site not just about information because there’sa lot of the sites out there.

But Joe focuses on bringing to your attentionthe best deals.

And these are deals that may only be aroundfor 24 hours or be around for you know or coming up here in the next month.

But he really wants to be the place whereyou come and you know okay here’s an up and coming deal and he brings it right toyour attention.

And I can – this is probably one of thebetter ones because I like how whenever he does comparisons of clothing, he updates veryquickly if the price is changed as we can see here the price has gone up by $76 or $75.

And he brings those updates right throughand you could see he’s already had two updates.

These articles like a couple days old andI actually know he did these updates probably within the first day.

Another powerful thing about dappered.

comis Joe is really cultivated in the community and so you can see we got 35 comments.

He comes in here and add some comments buthe’s got a number of men who come in here and he make it even strong because these otherguys are out there looking for deals and bring to other people’s attention other dealswhich Joe might not have noticed.

Now he also isn’t afraid to jump in andprovide us with information.

I like the way Joe does it.

So he talks about a new movie called “Drive”and the star Ryan Gosling.

Very sharp dressed man, you’ll see him onthe cover of GQ and Esquire but Ryan he says how can – you know we take Ryan’s lookand imitate it.

And so he goes piece by piece from the watchto looks like the Levi’s slim fit trucker jean jacket to the shirt to the trousers tothe jeans to the sunglasses down to the boots and the gloves.

So if you want to be – understand how toput together outfits, this is now also a great site and what I really love is he links youright to the websites where you can pick up the item if you so chose and he gives theprice.

Now I went through this article quickly andI love it because I didn’t really hit about one thing Joe does is he gives you sometimesmultiple options.

And he says okay you can get this jacket overto the left for $285 or this one here to the right for $225 and this is going to be thedifference in what you are getting.

Another thing, Joe doesn’t just stop atclothing.

He gets in to drink.

He talks about grooming, shoes.

Here he’ll talk about travel and bags.

Again he’s got certain codes that you caneven use and save on and get a discount.

The normal price, the sale price and againthe powerful thing is you can look in the comments and people will let you know whichcoupon codes works, which ones are expired.

Perhaps where you can even find a better deal.

Here he is talking about drink.

Follows – on the drinks he doesn’t necessarilyfollow the same formula.

This is more information on the most wanted.

This is where he starts playing with listand you can see here in September of this year he is basically saying okay here arethe five most wanted items for the last few months.

And so this is if you’re a bit short ontime, you can just go follow Joe’s advice.

Now here we can see – Joe’s actually probablythe model in here and the great thing is okay you may be asking okay here’s Joe.

I see him.

I see how this fits.

What size – what I love is that Joe is actuallygiven us his measurements.

And so probably more measurements than whatwe needed there Joe but are appreciated.

And so we get an idea of how his built andhow the clothing fits him.

Another thing I love about dappered.

com isthat this little column that they have about ask a woman.

And Joe brings in Beth, an old friend of hisand Beth goes in to detail and gives us the female perspective on commonly asked questions.

Now it’s broken up in a category so accessories, clothing, drink, grooming, shoes… …too expensive travel, watches, women, etcetera.

This is one of the – I think the weak pointsabout dappered.

com is that some of these – a lot overlapped.

So if you go through one category, you’regoing to see the same article that you perhaps on another category.

But it’s things like this that kind of justmake up for.

I love his ridiculous model captions and thisis where he gets the people involved in on how Joe’s has developed such a strong community.

You can see obviously that’s a ridiculouspicture and he asked people to come in chimes.

You know give their take on what the captionshould have been.

Some of them I can’t repeat but you see26 people jumped in there.

So and finally he’s got a threat or whathe would call an up to date form without a bunch of snobs in it.

So this is something – it’s a lot smallerand more intimate the way you are going to see over at style form or ask Andy.

And you may not get an immediate responsebut you can get a pretty quick response.

Looks like most people are getting repliesto and you can see that it’s pretty active again.

Not super active but then again I know hejust started this and he’s got over — almost 300 topics just under 2, 000 post.

Dappered also got a Facebook page.

Another way to engage the audiences, stayup to date if you don’t want.

He also got an email list which you can gettherefore you get email sent right to you and he’s on Twitter.

So Joe has made it really easy to stay intouch and just staying on top of deals and if you’re the kind of guy looking for deals, I highly advise you either get on the email list.

Get on the RSS, feeder or just like them overat Facebook.

All right, well that’s my review of Dappered.

I gave it a two thumbs up.

A great website and I see a lot of positivethings in dappered.

com’s future.

This has been Antonio Centeno with “RealMen, Real Style”.

Take care.