Why Dressing Sharp Is Simple For Men – 3 Male Fashion Tips – Man's Guide to Style

Why Dressing Sharp Is Simple For Men – 3 MaleFashion Tips – Man's Guide to Style Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMan Real Style.

And today weíre to be talking about why dressingsharp is simple for men.


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So, Iím talking about dressing sharp andhow itís really easy for guys.

And thatís true.

Now, perfecting a professional appearance, thatís really hard.

And I think thereís an engineer ñ or maybeitís an operations principle and it talks about how getting ñ and I think itís somethingto do with Six Sigma.

I canít remember from my operations classyears ago.

But it talked about how to get to the 90thpercentile.

Itís actually pretty easy.

You just have to put forth a number of provenpractices and effort, you know, enough effort, youíre going to get to the 90th.

But to go from the 90 to 95 is actually justas difficult as to get that first 90 percentage.

And then to go from 95 to 97 is just as hard.

And then, you know ñ so, you can see howit gets ñ it gets much harder as you get closer to perfection.

But the key point Iím trying to make is toget that first huge gain.

Itís really easy.

And itís something that most men can do becauseitís really ñ itís relative because most men out there are oblivious to style.

They donít even pay attention to it despitebeing incredibly superficial.

Because think about, youíre with a bunchof guys who are in a bar or walking down the street.

And woman walks by in a red dress.

Do we notice that sheís carrying a book? Do we notice that she probably has maybe aHarvard MBA? No.

We donít pay attention.

I mean, we just noticed that wow, thatísa, you know ñ well, you know what goes through our mind.

We ñ and as men, itís funny because we arevery much a visual ñ and we think that, yes, I ñ we think that the fairer sex doesnítpay attention to this stuff.

They do.

And other guys actually pay attention to thisbecause ñ and why do want to dress well for other guys? Well, because you want to have great businesspartners.

And people want to have good business partnerswho are healthy, who are going to be around.

And when you dress sharp, you give off a strongmasculine appearance and feeling.

And whether or not itís for business, whetheror not itís for a potential partner, you want people to be attracted to you.


So, what are the three tips? First off, all you have to do is realize thatas a man, we donít have to focus on fashion because fashion is moving all over the place.

What you need to focus on is style.

And style is timeless.

So, lucky for us, if you understand classicstyle, you can look at icons 20 years ago, you could ñ I mean, look at Cary Grant.

They guy could walk out of a 1950s movie andhe would still look great walking down New York City in the year 2011.

And that makes it really easy for us becausewe can apply principles, which are proven and we can spend a little bit more money onit knowing that itís not going to go out of fashion.

So, avoid the fashion.

Look towards classic style.

Youíre going to be safe.

And the other is focus on fit.

So, so many guys never even think to taketheir clothing to a tailor and have it adjusted to fit them.

Or when they buy it off the rack, they donítthink to ñ well, check in the mirror and make sure this fits me right.

So, understand what proper fit is and thenmake sure your clothing fits you.

Finally, the third tip.

You can add two things to your wardrobe, whichare instantly going to take it to the next level, even if youíre a t-shirt and jeanskind of guy.

Upgrade your shoes and wear a jacket.

So, look at a lot of those start-up CEOs.

And I saw ñ it was a joke.

Itís what supposed to be ñ a start-up company, you know, a founder or a college student and the CEO? Well, itís really ñ itís a jacket.

Because he throws on that jacket over hist-shirt and he go on and he pitches the venture capitalist for the money.

And itís ñ but itís really true.

Because you throw a jacket on a guy and itinstantly changes his shape and the perception.

And he wears a t-shirt underneath it or acollared shirt.

Either way, you know, just having that jacketon sends a signal that itís a bit more professional.

That he does pay attention to the small details.

Now, your shoes.

This is where itís very easy for a lot ofguys to make that upgrade because so many of us wear running shoes, trainers, whateveryou want to call them.

Weíre wearing those all the time.

And we need to step away and look at ñ okay, you could get a pair of leather slip-ons.

You could upgrade the dress shoes.

I like to wear a Western boots.

You know, introducing something like thatÖ Öinstantly bring a level of style.

Especially if you go with something that iswell made, well crafted, and you know, I understand not everyone is into Western boots or dressshoes.

Well, get a really nice pair of red wings.

And thatís going to look better than yourtrainers, especially if theyíre clean and theyíre well kept.

And I mean those are great boots.

Theyíre going to last you, you know, 20 yearsand you can have those things resold.


So, those were the tips.

And again guys, itís really easy to go from0 to that 90 percentage.

Once you start going up higher, look at myother videos and Iíll give you lots of other tips that youíll need.

Take care.

This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MenReal Style.